Metaverse Invaders

Conquer the Metaverse with the might of the Invaders.

metaverse invaders

Metaverse Invaders are an interdimensional army chosen by United Council Members of Universes. 1000 talented soldiers were handpicked and equipped with various tools. Metaverse Invaders have over 250 traits, and they are ready for your commands.

After successful operations in new planets, many Lands, Resources, Guilds, Trading systems, and many more will be available for assignment. Be part of this invasion through your computer and your phone! The Metaverse belongs to Invaders, so the expansion opportunities are near limitless. These opportunities mean many planets and lands, so there are multiple ways of evolving and building an empire.


Let’s invade the Metaverse together!

Join our channels for briefing and operations, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to catch up on the news.



We want to improve Metaverse Invaders continuously and share our plans with our members. We will be together in this, so we think every holder needs to have a voice in this journey; this is why we will decide the fate of Metaverse Invaders with our community’s votes.

metaverse mobile


The Internet revolution is here! As an advanced society, Metaverse Invaders follow this revolution by integrating its components to Web 3.0. It is dangerous to go alone, take your phone with you! Our members will be able to cruise Web 3.0 through their phones with our Mobile Web 3.0 Interface. It will be available on iOS & Android. Invaders will be able to reach their lands, buildings, resources, trading, guilds through our Web 3.0 Interface.


We will have multiple DAOs, called Guilds. Each Guild will be encrypted in the MetaData of the NFT. Each DAO will be a team and it will be represented by a distinctive background.

The DAOs will be provided with funds from $MTIV and the teams will have to come together to decide the progress of the Guild and how these funds will be allocated.

The next phase of the universe expansion will be built according to the DAO’s votes. Invaders will if they will continue to conquer the Universe they are in or leave to another Dimension.

As we are aiming for a fully decentralised community where the team’s involvement will be from a technical point of view only, there will be also votes for the Guild leaders. Future developments will change everything you knew so far about the possibilities of the web3.


You can’t make it alone in this universe.
Every invader is part of a guild.


Each Metaverse Invader is unique and programmatically generated from over 300 possible traits, including skin, headwear, clothing, accessory, and more. These characters are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the SKALE blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Group 35066@2x


$MTIV Token will be launched with the project. $MTIV tokens are stored as ERC-20 tokens. Each Invader will be given a number of $MTIV tokens a day embedded in their metadata. $MTIV tokens will be needed in the Metaverse Web 3.0 Interface. $MTIV tokens earned by each Invader/day will be used the same way as Metaminers. Each action you take towards building your way out will have a completion time; using $MTIV tokens, you can improve the process and reduce the waiting time.


SKALE is an open-source Web3 blockchain network. The SKALE Network is governed by the SKALE DAO and is managed in a fully open and decentralized manner. There are over 50 unique companies, business entities, organizations, and DAOs that work to support, run, and govern the SKALE Network. All core smart contract changes require a decentralized multisig approval held by numerous unique entities and contributors. Onchain voting will commence in H2 2022. In addition there are thousands of active community members supporting the project in many ways including open source code contributions, quality assurance testing, and education efforts. 

The network is also supported by two entities, the N.O.D.E. Foundation and SKALE Labs. SKALE Labs is the core team involved in proposing technical specs, supporting with open source code contributions, and educating the public on the technical elements of the SKALE Network. The N.O.D.E. Foundation is located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein and SKALE Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California.



Engineering Manager



PR-Marketing Manager



Deputy Engineering Manager

We will have two minting phases: whitelisted PRESALE and public SALE. The official dates are not yet established, we are doing our best to bring the Invaders to the Metaverse as soon as possible. Check our announcements channel on Discord server for keeping updated with the project’s evolution.

There will be 1000 NFTs waiting for you. Sale minting, as well as presale minting will take place on our website. You will need a Metamask Wallet, Coinbase Wallet or know how to work with WalletConnect. If you don’t know, no worries, check our channels how-to-metamask and how-to-mint on our DISCORD server.

A whitelist spot is a reserved chance of becoming an Invader (minting one) during our presale. Whitelist spots give you the possibility to mint before everyone else, having the certainty of getting one.

In order for you to be eligible for a whitelist spot, you need to be an active member of our community by joining on our Discord server and reaching Level 10. The second option is to reach Level 7 on our server and invite 5 more Invaders to join our army. For more details about whitelisting, leveling-up and inviting, please join our Discord server and check how-to-whitelist, how-to-level, how-to-invite channels.

Two days after the official sale, all of our Invaders NFTs will be revealed on OpenSea. There you will be able to see all of its details: avatar, traits, attributes and rarities.

Yes, for sure. We will have many giveaways to reward our early Invaders for their dedication and engagement. Giveaways will give you the chance to receive a free NFT before presale and public sale, as well as a whitelist spot.

Our Invaders NFTs will give you exclusive access to our revolutionary Mobile Web3.0 Crypto-Game. Also, each NFT comes with a set of metadatas, which contains the daily reward you will receive as $MTIV tokens.

$MTIV tokens will be our cryptocurrency used in the Mobile Web3.0 Crypto-Game. With them you will be able to evolve by buying lands, buildings, trading and discover new technologies and opportunities inside the Metaverse.

Metaverse Invaders will be a universe driven by the community. The next phase of the universe will be built by you, for you, through our DAOs mechanism (guilds). Each guild is formed for mutual aid and protection and will run as a DAO controlled by its members.

Metaverse Invaders will run on SKALE Blockchain. Our 9.777 NFTS will be represented by ERC-721 tokens and our cryptocurrency, $MTIV, by ERC-20 tokens.

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